Zombicide: or that time I became that person who paints figurines

Want tolook sharp?

Hubby and I share a very nerdy life together.  We read fantasy novels together, obsess over Disney and Harry Potter, play video games, build legos, and really get into board games.

We have a decent sized board game collection and are always looking to expand, but things can get a little…obsessive…in our household, when we get a new game.

Like that time we bought Settlers of Catan.  We LITERALLY played the game for 3 days straight, neglecting our day-to-day life activities in favor of deciding who would be called Lord of Catan.

Things can also get a bit tense when we get a competitive board game.

Maybe because every time we play a competitive game, I go out of my way to attack Hubby.  The last game we played, I got so competitive I (may have) told him I would enslave all of his people and he was only to refer to me as Khaleesi for the remainder of the game.

So it was in our best interest to invest in some cooperative board games.

Enter Zombicide!


Guys.  I love this game so much.

I even made a playlist for it.

The game takes a little while to set up and explain, but learning to play is pretty easy.

Essentially, you are on a team with 2-6 “survivors” that face a series of “missions”, each with a different map and objective as to how the game is won.  It’s your group verses the zombies and you have to work as a team to figure out how best to survive (and win…and decimate as many zombies as possible in the interim).


Each individual player on the team gets a turn and then the zombies get a turn (they have pre-set rules for how they move and what attacks they get if they enter a space with a survivor), and then new zombies populate the map, until either the objective is met (or lost) or the zombies kill off all of the survivors.

The game comes with a stack of double sided board tiles, each side with a different piece of territory that allows you to construct various maps when they are placed together.

There’s also quite a bit of little pieces in the game that are easy to misplace; we recommend using zip-lock bags to help keep all the parts together.


We became so obsessed with this game that we even painted our figurines to make the game more realistic.


I think one of the best qualities of this game is that anyone can get into it –  even people who don’t play board games.  Prime example?  My mom.

She even painted some of the zombies.  Look at how cute they are!


We think the play (and re-play) value of this game is high, making it absolutely worth the purchase price.  We wound up  getting ours from amazon when they were having  a board game sale.

And working as a team rather than trying to destroy each other makes it more fun to play when it’s just the two of us.

The makers of this game did a phenomenal job in striking that balance between teamwork, strategy, and gory fun.  And as for an added bonus, there are multiple editions and expansions of this game that take place in different locations and eras.

If you are someone who is into playing board games a la pandemic and smallworld, this is absolutely a game you should consider investing in, to add to your collection.  And when you play, be sure to put on my playlist in the background!







  1. Missy the Mouse says:

    Awesome post and game!!

    1. oversidewaysandunder says:

      It is surprisingly fun!

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