Undervalued Rides at Disney World

Undervalued rides at

Hubby and I have been to Disney World multiple times now, and we’ve come to realize something: there are certain (truly fantastic) rides and attractions that we were basically able to walk onto.

Now, I don’t know if this is because we just happened to be hitting these attractions during off hours or if these are, in fact, undervalued rides, but here is our list of must-hit attractions at Disney World that will allow you to have maximum fun for a minimal wait.

Undervalued Rides at Magic Kingdom:


  1. Mickey’s PhilharMagic: Oh my Mickey, this ride is fun and we were typically seeing the wait times in the Standby line between 10-30 minutes.  It’s a 4D show (in air conditioning) where you are whisked between iconic Disney movies, trying to recover Mickey’s sorcerer’s hat with Donald Duck.  Ride this ride.  Multiple times.
  2. Prince Charming Regal Carousel: We were seeing wait times around 10-20 minutes but never actually had to wait that long to ride.  It definitely gave us a big dose of nostalgia and found that this was a nice way to fit in another ride without having to experience a long wait.
  3. Mad Tea Party: I’m going to be honest with you.  When I road this ride, it was after having eaten at Be Our Guest.  Where you can get wine pairing.  Let’s just say this ride was soooooooo  much fun.
  4. Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor:  Typically this ride has wait times of 30 minutes or less and, like the shadow sorcery in the Peter Pan’s Flight standby line, had me questioning how did they do that?  How did they get the cartoons to interact with the audience in real time?  It’s set up so you feel like you’re at a (family friendly) standup comedy show.  Pro tip: sit near the middle aisles and you’re more likely to be a part of the interactive portion of the show.

Undervalued Rides at Epcot:


  1. Disney & Pixar Short Film Festival: Currently they are showing La Luna, Get A Horse!, and For the Birds (anyone know if they are going to change the films?).  You get to relax in an air conditioned movie theatre and get some behind the scenes info on Pixar’s inception.  This is a great way to take a mid-day break without having to leave the park.
  2. Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros: The first time you enter, you feel like you are suddenly in another location completely separate from Epcot.  The ride is a smooth, short boat ride (in air conditioning – do you see a theme with what wins over my heart?) where you get to ask yourself, ¿dónde está Donald Duck?
  3. Spaceship Earth: Let’s be real; the real reason you ride this ride is for the last 3 minutes or so when you get to answer a series of questions and see what your future could be like with a goofy superimposed picture of your face on a cartoon body.  My one regret?  Not taking a picture of Hubby’s cartoon character – I’m pretty sure they caught him mid-yawn.

Undervalued Rides at Hollywood Studios:


  1. Muppet*Vision 3D: I had forgotten how funny The Muppets are until I rode this ride.  It was like being slapped in my face (with a rubber chicken) with my childhood.  The longest wait time you will have here will be when everyone is filing into the first enclosed area.  And honestly, the wait is typically 20(ish) minutes.   But while you’re waiting, they show The Muppets as they prepare for the show, behind the scenes causing shenanigans.   And, most importantly, you are inside.  Out of the heat.  In the air conditioning.  Do not undervalue the benefit of this during peak hours!

Undervalued Rides at Animal Kingdom:


  1. Finding Nemo the Musical: Okay, this is probably not an undervalued ride.  The reason I’m putting this here, though, is that 5 minutes before the show started we were able to walk into the theatre without having to stand in a line and got acceptable seats.  Were we close enough to see the performer’s facial expressions?  No.  Did it matter?  Not at all!  This is a puppet show and being a little further back allowed us to focus more on the puppets than the actors.  I’d like to give a shout out to my favorite character, Mr. Ray, who rolled in on a fantastical bicycle contraption!  Way to do you on your bicycle, Mr. Ray.


I hope this helps you pick out some rides to fit in between your FastPass selections, especially during peak hours during the day.  Let us know what you think are some of the more undervalued rides in the parks!