The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Must Do List


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So I was logging onto youtube the other day to bring up a video for a friend, when it was lovingly pointed out to me that my most recently (and frequently) viewed video was 10 hours worth of Hedwig’s Theme on repeat.

My not-so-secret secret is that I am obsessed with Harry Potter.  Seriously, if I could, I would happily live and work inside the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and be paid in Butterbeers.  Hubby and I spent part of our honeymoon at Universal Studios solely to go to Hogwarts (the other part of our honeymoon was on a Disney Cruise).


Do you see this face:


That is the face of someone who may or may not have cried when she first entered the park and heard John William’s themes playing in the background.  There’s no way to know for certain.

I am 90% convinced that the reason I have to wear glasses is because of all the time I spent in elementary and middle school trying to read Harry Potter by what little light filtered into my room from the hallway, when I was supposed to be sleeping.  Or maybe I’m just secretly Harry Potter.  Still waiting on that Hogwarts acceptance letter…

Anyways, Hubby and I have been here multiple times and wanted to compile our Wizarding World of Harry Potter Must Do List, to share in the magic!

  1. Drink Some Butterbeer: I’m sad for anyone out there who has not had the chance to experience Butterbeer and I truly hope you all get to do so, someday.  If you can imagine a Werther’s caramel candy melted into a cream soda and mixed with enchantment and nostalgia, you would have the taste of Butterbeer.  This is an absolute must.  Pro-tip: try the frozen Butterbeer.  Also, the last time we were there, there was a difference in what souvenir mugs you could get, between the two parks.
  2. Ride The Hogwarts Express To Both Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley: The ride is different depending on which direction you are traveling.
  3. Buy An Interactive Wand: Yes you do want to spend the extra money, in this instance.  Buy the interactive wand, follow the map inside the wand box that shows where you can use that wand, and become a wizard (or witch)!
  4. Race Dragons and Fly Hippogriffs
  5. Find The Telephone Booth And Phone The Ministry: You get bonus points if you know the number without having to be prompted (but don’t worry if you don’t know the number, because they help you out).
  6. Find Kreacher: Hint – he occasionally peers out at you from Grimmauld Place.
  7. Visit Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes
  8. Listen To Celestina Warbeck Perform: Make Mrs. Weasley proud!
  9. Go to Gringott’s And Watch The Dragon:  Obviously you should also ride the Gringott’s ride.
  10. Send an Owl Post: Why yes you can send an Owl Post while you’re at Hogsmeade! Much wow!  How magic!

  11. Visit Florean Fortescue’s: My favorite is the clotted cream.IMG_0117
  12. Eat At The Leaky Cauldron: Real talk, the food’s not half bad, the sizes are sharable, and the ambiance is magical.  I would recommend doing it once just to cross it off your list.
  13. Attend Hogwarts: I mean what Wizarding World bucket list wouldn’t be complete without this?  Inevitably this ride breaks down, but that’s all part of the experience!  Plus the detail inside the castle is stunning.
  14. Find Knockturn Alley: In a moment of true shame I will admit I accidently missed it the first time I went through Diagon Alley.  As always, don’t be me.  Be better than me.
  15. Stand In Line For The Show At Ollivanders: When we first went, despite there being a TON of children in the audience, Hubby was chosen by Ollivander to step forward and take a turn at discovering the wand that would “choose” him.  I have a vivid memory of him being measured and then jumping and gasping when, eventually, a wand chose him (there was a spotlight, music, and a gust of wind – super dramatic, guys).  You can bet we have that wand on display in our home.
  16. Use the Bathroom : You might be able to hear Moaning Myrtle.

I am counting down until I can go back.  Be sure to share what’s on your must do list!