Disney World for the Star Wars Fan

Dun dun dah dunnnn DAH dah dun dah DAH dah, Dah dun dah DAH dah, dah dun dah dahhhhhh (Star Wars theme song, obvi)

Do you have a padawan in your family?  Have you always had a secret yearning to fly the Millennium Falcon?  Perhaps you own a Yoda backpack so you can pretend that you are on Dagobah, going through your advance training with The Force?

If so, you and your family need to carve out some time at Hollywood Studios on your next Disney World vacation, because there are some truly spectacular things that are catered to the Star Wars fan.

Okay, real talk time for a sec; I’m not as big of a Star Wars fan as is the Hubby.  Also, I’m more of a Darth Vader kind of gal.  I am a firm believer that he is wholly misunderstood and that he was just trying to bring stability to the galaxy (I mean, wouldn’t you have to blow up a few planets along the way to do so?).

Which brings me back to a “discussion” that Hubby and I had been having the other day, where he threw up his hands and said (with great exasperation), “They are LITERALLY called The Dark Side.  I don’t know what more proof you need that they are evil!”

Personally, I think that had there been more hugs in Anakin’s childhood – heck, had Luke and Vader shared some hugs – there could have been a COMPLETELY different outcome in the movies!

But I digress.

Here is a list for the Star Wars lover of the things you should do while at Disney World’s Hollywood Studios :

  1. Jedi Training Academy: Do you have a padawan between 4-12 in your family?  Would they like the chance to duel the Seventh Sister Inquisitor or go head to head with Darth Vader?  Would you like to watch some adorable (and hilarious) kids attempting to wield a lightsaber longer than they are tall?  If so, this is absolutely something that you should take the time to experience.   More importantly, the cast members are fantastic with the kids who participate.  Trust me.  This is the experience you are looking for.
  2. Star Tours:  This ride allows you to “visit” various planets in the galaxy, while trying to keep the rebel spy on board your ship safe.  I think the coolest thing about Star Tours is that there are different iterations of the story lines, which means that due to the various combinations that can occur, each time you ride the ride you are likely going to have a different experience.  WHICH MEANS you should ride this ride multiple times.  Pro-tip: consider fast passing this ride in the afternoon, so you can be indoors during peak hours.  Also if you get to the park first thing in the morning you can pretty much ride this ride right away without a fast pass.  This way you can fit this experience in twice in one day.
  3. March of the First Order: Watch Captain Phasma and some Storm Troopers march their way through Hollywood Studios.  If you stand along the white line for this, the Storm Troopers may pause to interact with you.
  4. Star Wars: A Galaxy Far, Far Away: This show highlights some of the characters from the various movies in a live performance.  Really, this is a great time to get some photos, but be warned, it’s also a great time to get sunburned if you are almost translucent, like me.  As always, be better than me and reapply your sunblock.
  5. Star Wars Launch Bay: Tucked away near the Disney Junior area is the Star Wars Launch Bay where you can stop at the theatre to get a  behind-the-scenes look at the making and creating of the Star Wars universe.  This is also where you can get a chance to have a photo opportunity with characters like Chewbacca and Kylo Ren.   And maybe coolest of all is the chance to look at the movie props and see pieces of art from the Star Wars universe.  This is also where the Star Wars fan in your family will try to convince you that you NEED a replica of Poe Dameron’s helmet (seriously Hubby, where would we put it?).
  6. Design Your Own Lightsabers and Droids: I think this is in the Tatooine Traders area (at the end of the Star Tours ride).  There are bins of pieces where you get to build (and buy) your own custom lightsabers and droids.  Fun fact – there are also areas where you can design a custom Star Wars phone case and Star Wars magic bands.  Members of your party will try to convince you here, too, that you NEED these things.  Consider yourself warned!
  7. Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular: Even if you are not a Star Wars fan you should absolutely attend the fireworks show at Hollywood Studios, because it truly is spectacular.  They project onto the Chinese Theatre various images and clips from the movies and somehow make it seem as though you are caught in the middle of a battle.   This is one of the shows where you want to get a good seat, so if your schedule allows for it, consider planting early.

On that note, can we all make an agreement, right here right now, to sit and watch the projected shows instead of standing?  We’d all get a better view and more importantly we’d get to sit.  In our prior post we talked about how we rarely dropped below 20,000 steps a day.  How nice would it be to sit and enjoy the show after all that walking?!

Also, can we all agree to remove any mouse ears or tall hats when we watch?  Let’s make a pack to not block others’ views.

Good talk, guys!

As always, let us know what your favorite Star Wars things are at Disney!